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Unlock Data Power: Grow Your Startup Faster.

Got data clutter that’s giving you a headache? Don’t sweat it! We’re here to turn your chaotic data into a goldmine of insights. Say hello to growth opportunities you didn’t even know existed!

Data Pipeline
Data Strategy
Data Mastery

Get your data ready for AI/ML

Data Pipeline
Integrate diverse sources effortlessly
Data Warehouse/Lake
Boost Analytics with Unified Storage
Data Ops
Automate for faster data deployment
About Us

we are data Enthusiastic.

Lost in data wilderness? Let our crew guide you! As AWS advanced tier partners and one of South Africa’s leading cloud maestros, our tight knit team of 17 isn’t just blowing smoke.

We’re dedicated to helping startups transmute data chaos into clarity. With our data services, your startups growth story is just waiting to be penned. Ready for the magic? 

Our Vision

We're crafting the future of data magic.

Tailored Solutions

We’re on a mission to transform raw data into golden opportunities, envisioning a future where every startups harnesses it’s full potential. Dream big, scale fast, and let us handle the data magic. 

Unearth Hidden Opportunities

Ditch the data stress and unlock the goldmine hidden in your data. Think deep insights, smart decision-making and unexpected growth paths.

Effortless data Organisation

Say goodbye to data chaos! Our services mean you spend less time wrangling data and more time innovating. 

Speedy, Real-Time Decisions

When your data is organised and accessible, making lighting quick data driven- decisions becomes a breeze. 

What can we do?
Our Skills

Meet our main skills

Our experience shines in migrating startups to AWS seamlessly. Alongside, our data services enable you to turn information into actionable insights. 

AWS Cloud Migration
Data Integration
AI/ML Readiness

Transforming Startups: Data Mastery by AWS Partners.

Elevate your startup with our tailored services. From seamless AWS integration & migrations to transformative data services, we’re your cloud and data alchemists , turning potential into success. 

Unlocking unparalleled cloud value.

Store today. Strategise tomorrow. 

Streamlining your data’s journey. 

Drive business agility. 

About Us

Our toolkit of wonders: More than just data sorcery.

Personalised Data Strategy

We don’t just toss you a one-size-fits-all-plan. Nope, we tailor make your data strategy to fit your startup like a glove

Efficient Data Pipelines

Say goodbye to data traffic jams. Our pipelines are like the autobahn for your data-fast, efficient and no speed limit. 

Organised Data Warehouses/Lakes

Ever tried finding a need in a haystack? That’s your data without our organised warehouse/lake solution. 

Automated Data Ops

Our data ops are like a well oiled machine, churning out insights while you sleep. Literally. We automate the nitty-gritty so you can focus on the big picture. 

No magic potions here, just real success stories from startups like yours!

Voices from the startups.

Kyle Bulkin Director, Globify

It was a great experience coming across Disraptor, and still working with Disraptor as much as we can. They are professional and care about our needs and concerns, always checking in on us even when everything is 100% stable. They have changed the way we look at AWS and have got us thinking out of the box along with giving us the freedom to know that all our systems are maintained and covered on the server-side of things. Disraptor come highly recommended and any company would be lucky to have them on their team.

Obakeng Moepya C.O.O, Isazi

Working with the Disraptor team has been a pleasure. They have assisted our company with various Cloud deployments. The Disraptor team have an array of skills which allows them to be cloud provider agnostic and is capable with on-premise deployments. I would refer anyone who needed a bright and energetic team who will go beyond the call of duty for excellent customer satisfaction

Du Toit Scheepers C.O.O,Singular Systems

On a recent large internal cloud infrastructure project, the Disraptor team seamlessly integrated with our team of professionals to design and deliver a world class cloud solution. Not only did they add huge amounts of value to the design process, but also helped with implementation and research activities. Without their expert knowledge & guidance our project would have taken much longer and cost a lot more. Thanks Disraptor!

Junia Stainbank C.E.O, ASCN

Disraptor's input into my business has been two-fold in that they have used technology as a platform to not only deliver a product, as per the brief, but to also address a number of peripheral frailties in my business - some of which are entirely unrelated to tech & development. They're a rare example of a group who leverages technical expertise to build sustainability and dynamic capability, not just to build tools; which is comforting to me as a founder without a development background.

Walter van Wyk Head of Managed Services, Synthesis

As a partner, Disraptor has contributed in building the Managed Services capabilities and delivering CloudOps, DevOps, and architecture services to our enterprise clients. Their team brings fresh and innovative ideas to the table and is supported by a wide range of technical skills and problem-solving capabilities. The team is dedicated and committed to continuously delivering value on time.