Lung Animation – Migration

Company Description and Problem

Lung Animation is a graphics and animation company based in Cape Town which focuses on creating animation characters for commercials and kids-related content. Lung animation would like to test WorkSpaces instances in AWS in order to prepare for their animation studio migration. They’ve reached out to Disraptor to assist with the WorkSpaces demo.


Disraptor launched a WorkSpace instance in AWS with active directory in order for the customer to perform tests. Active directory is responsible for authentication and the WorkSpace instance will be used by the customer to test their internal animation software before migrating the entire studio resources to AWS cloud.


  • Customer will be able to test their current animation studio software on Amazon WorkSpaces before migrating their entire studio to AWS cloud.

  • Customer will be able to get a feel of how cloud desktops operate and perform in AWS cloud.

  • While testing, customer can see exactly how much a WorkSpace instance costs, this will help him budget properly.


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