We’re passionate about tech and startups - so you’re in good hands

We love crafting scalable and repeatable solutions that are productized and easy for startups to use.

Complementary and productized services

Our complementary and productized services for Cloud and DevOps and AI/ML are designed to help our clients realise the full potential of partnering with us

Hemansu Keeka

Co-founder and Co-MD

Malloron Nair

Co-founder and Co-MD

Leepo Mokoto

Technical Lead

Our HQ

Physically based in Johannesburg, but with aspirations to reach EMEA!

Scalability and Repeatability

Building solutions that are scalable and repeatable

AWS Native

We love AWS, and are all in as an AWS native service provider

Disruptive Team

Our team loves challenging the status quo and building unique solutions


How would we be a DevOps services provider if we’re not agile?

Our Productised Services

Out M.O. is not to consult, but to build assets of value