Africas Largest Bank

Company Description and Problem

One of Africa’s largest banks have recognized cloud as a crucial driver to reduce their cost and improve their innovation. As part of the move to the cloud, it was important for them to instill confidence and reduce uncertainty in their application teams to adopt the move to the cloud.


Disraptor’s DevOps Engineer, Siphesihle Mbonxa, set up an Openshift Container Platform (PaaS) environment simulating the cloud that allowed application teams, with the introduction of microservices, to quickly develop, host, and scale applications in a cloud environment. The solution provided flexibility to the application team for running their applications in the container platform, without needing to monitor the entire infrastructure all the time. It automatically scales and self-heals. There is also a mechanism to alert the team in case it is over-committing or overutilizing the application.


With the application team’s comfort in working with microservices, it made the transition from on-premises to the cloud easier, with a set up that allows to scale up and scale out within minutes.


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