Africa’s Largest Financial Services, Rewards and Insurance Company

Company Description and Problem

One of Africa’s largest financial services, rewards and insurance company’s had a requirement to migrate their Kubernetes environment from on-prem to AWS cloud for their PaaS division.


Disraptor worked with their internal DevOps team to perform the Kubernetes migration from on-prem to AWS Cloud. The team at Disraptor first assessed the Kubernetes Cluster on-prem to see how may nodes (Master and Worker) were running on-prem and looked at all applications deployed on the cluster to better understand the complexity of all deployments. The team then created two clusters of the same configuration in AWS (primary and failover). The cluster deployment types were Fargate deployments which made them serverless. The team then synced the cluster data to AWS cloud in order to replicate the same configuration. The traffic was then routed to AWS and the migration was a success.


  • Kubernetes cluster performed well in AWS cloud compared to on-prem since it could automatically scale based on the number of workloads deployed to it. This was due to the Fargate deployment type used which made the cluster to be completely serverless compared to running it directly on EC2 instances.

  • Customer’s applications performed better in AWS compared to on-prem since everything was localized to AWS internal network (Master nodes, worker nodes, ingress controllers, etc.).

  • Customer saved quite a substantial amount of cost since there was no need to provision huge capacity upfront in order to run their Kubernetes cluster. Fargate deployment would scale the nodes as needed.


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