Africa’s Largest Financial Servies, Rewards and Insruance Company – 2

Company Description and Problem

One of Africa’s largest financial services, rewards and insurance company’s had a requirement to implement a cloud self service in order to easily deploy their environments through CloudFormation, and also better manage their user’s permissions and apps. They reached out to Disraptor to assist them with this. They also needed CI/CD pipelines for automated deployment of their new applications in AWS Cloud.


Disraptor worked with their internal developers to develop CI/CD pipelines for their applications which were developed in NodeJS, Python and C#. Disraptor engineers developed the CI/CD pipelines using AWS code tools, i.e., Code Build, Code Deploy, Code Commit and Code Pipeline. Disraptor also helped them to configure AWS ServiceCatalogue so that they could easily manage their environments on AWS cloud.


  • After implementing the CI/CD pipelines, the team was able to quickly deploy new app features to the production environment and this led to the app users increase since the requested features were deployed quickly.

  • Service Catalogue was implemented on the customer’s AWS account which made it easier for them to better manage their apps and user permissions. Everything was just a click of a button which saved them time in administering their environment in AWS.


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