Company Description and Problem

ASCN (African Sports Content Network) are a Pan-African visual media agency focused on the production, sales and dissemination of African sports content and content related to African sports and sportspeople.

ASCN tasked Disraptor with creating a high performance, scalable tool within the cloud to capture, store, manage, sell and deliver digital media content .

The solution also needed to manage the onboarding process and vetting of potential employees and freelancers across the globe.

All work assignments were to be based on geolocation and skills.


Disraptor custom developed a full php solution comprising of an enterprise content and employee content contributor management system.

Disraptor used a WordPress store with data distribution from Amazon S3 as well as full data and backup storage on the AWS S3 storage facilities.

ASCN’s original request was for the solution to be hosted on a local server, however, Disraptor subsequently proposed a full migration to AWS EC2. The migration was done 6 months after product development to EC2 based in the Ireland region, ensuring low latency and saving the customer 30% of their on-prem hosting costs.


A seamless management process allowing management of staff, customers and content through an enterprise grade content management system


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