Singular Systems

Company Description and Problem

Singular Systems specialise in building bespoke software solutions for their clients with a deep focus on financial services. Their focus is to transform businesses, helping with scale, avoiding risk & increasing profitability. Singular systems went on a journey redesigning a legacy product system running on premises to a modern architecture deployed on the cloud.


The company is a 100+ strong team of developers, however, an inhouse DevOps team does not currently exist. Hence, Disraptor were brought in as the external Head of DevOps to work with their lead architect to develop an inhouse DevOps methodology and cloud strategy.

The process we followed in advising included:

  • Workshopping to understand the current landscape

  • A gap analysis – it was identified that Infrastructure as Code (IAC) would add huge value to their current environment

  • Due to the complexity in their current infrastructure setup, the strategy for their cloud journey was focussed on products. We changed this approach to thinking of the cloud environment as an organisation and how cloud products would fit into this organisation

  • Bootcamps were run that taught Singular about Kubernetes and how to design their modern architecture with Kubernetes in mind and how to implement Kubernetes for production

The advisory provided by Disraptor has resulted in their product going live in 6 months on the new architecture, including an organisational wide cloud implementation roadmap.


  • Developed cloud policies and best practices that will be adopted throughout the organization.

  • Introduced the team to Infrastructure as Code and configuration management.

  • Improved design processes

  • Improved implementation

  • Reduced cost and time on developing their DevOps methodology


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