AWS Migration and Modernization for Level Finance

Case Study: AWS Migration and Modernization for Level Finance 

Company Description and Problem 

Level Finance is an innovative financial wellness company, deeply committed to making financial wellness accessible for individuals at all life stages. By developing groundbreaking salary-linked financial benefits, Level aims to alleviate the systemic financial burdens affecting millions of employees. As a proactive, data-driven, and customer-focused entity, Level operates at the intersection of financial services and technological innovation to deliver unparalleled financial solutions. 

Despite their innovative approach and commitment to financial wellness, Level Finance faced significant challenges with their existing cloud infrastructure. High operational costs, scalability concerns, and the need for a more flexible and efficient environment to support their data-intensive applications and services were among the primary issues. The existing setup hindered their ability to innovate rapidly and cost-effectively. 


Disraptor, with its expertise in cloud computing and AI/ML technologies, was approached by Level Finance to undertake a strategic migration and modernization of their cloud infrastructure to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The project’s goals were clear: to reduce operational costs, enhance scalability, improve performance, and leverage AWS’s advanced services for better data analytics and machine learning capabilities. 


The migration strategy included several key phases: 


Assessment and Planning: Conducting a comprehensive review of Level Finance’s existing Azure environment, workloads, and services to devise a tailored migration plan that minimizes downtime and disruption. 


Optimization and Modernization: Identifying opportunities for optimization and modernization during the migration process, including the adoption of serverless architectures, containerization with Amazon ECS and EKS, and leveraging AWS managed services for databases and analytics. 

Security and Compliance: Ensuring the new AWS environment adheres to the highest standards of security and compliance, critical for a financial wellness company handling sensitive customer data. 

Cost Management and Optimization: Employing AWS cost management tools and practices, such as AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and the use of Reserved Instances and Savings Plans to manage and optimize cloud spending. 





The migration and modernization of Level Finance’s cloud infrastructure to AWS resulted in transformative outcomes: 


80% Cost Saving: Through careful planning, optimization, and the utilization of AWS’s cost management tools and services, Level Finance achieved an 80% reduction in operational costs, significantly lowering the financial barrier to innovation and growth. 


Enhanced Scalability and Performance: AWS’s scalable infrastructure and advanced services enabled Level Finance to efficiently manage fluctuating workloads, improve application performance, and accelerate the delivery of new features and services to their customers. 


Improved Data Analytics and Machine Learning Capabilities: By leveraging AWS’s powerful analytics and machine learning services, Level Finance enhanced its capability to analyse financial data, derive insights, and offer personalized, proactive financial wellness solutions to their customers. 


Robust Security and Compliance: The AWS environment provided Level Finance with advanced security features and compliance certifications, ensuring the highest levels of data protection and privacy for their customers. 


Innovation and Growth: With a modern, cost-effective, and scalable cloud infrastructure in place, Level Finance is now better positioned to innovate, expand its offerings, and continue its mission to make financial wellness accessible to everyone, at every stage of life. 


The successful AWS migration and modernization project for Level Finance not only achieved significant cost savings but also laid down a robust technological foundation that aligns with their vision of delivering proactive, data-driven financial wellness services. 



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