Development of A Web Application For The Unconventional CA

Company Description and Problem

The Unconventional CA (UCA) is a business mentorship and coaching company for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to impact 1 million entrepreneurs to become better at building and growing their businesses, ultimately creating jobs and improving the economy.

Their current processes involve questionnaires which gives an insight to the current entrepreneur’s areas of development. This is then used to provide the relevant mentorship and coaching to the entrepreneur. These processes were manual, leveraging MS Excel and MS Word to review outputs from the questionnaires and develop detailed reports respectively.

The manual processes meant that dealing with a volume of entrepreneurs became difficult to administrate, and thus putting strain on the internal team.


Disraptor developed a bespoke software solution that helped UCA automate the following:

  • Their questionnaires and the results
  • Their mentorship and coaching for each entrepreneur
  • Developing detailed reports for each entrepreneur

The solution included a portal for their entrepreneurs to manage their assessments and view their outputs. Additionally, a portal for their coaches to be allocated entrepreneurs for mentorship and coaching, and manage the outputs thereof.

The solution’s entire backend was hosted on AWS, utilising AWS S3 for file storage of the application’s artifacts. The file storage included elements such as static website content and other related content that needed to feed from AWS S3 to the frontend.


The outcome was that UCA could now move away from manual processes and focus on scaling their mentorship and coaching business. By automating a lot of the manual processes, we were able to assist UCA by:

  • Helping grow customer base by way of a digitalized platform and SaaS product for marketing purposes
  • Helping improve customer experience by making the mentorship and coaching journey a lot smoother for their entrepreneurs
  • Optimised internal processes by reducing manual work and improving data capture

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