Higher Educational Institution

Company Description and Problem

One of South Africa’s largest higher educational institution developed a learning platform for students to study and write their exams online. The platform runs on AWS Cloud and the institution had a requirement to migrate their database from MySQL RDS to Aurora to reduce the database query latency issues.


Disraptor first assessed the customer’s environment in order to identify database latency issues mentioned by the customer. Disraptor then migrated the MySQL RDS database to Aurora without causing any disruptions to the production environment. Disraptor then configured the customer’s application to point to the new Aurora database for reading and writing operations. A read replica was configured to handle all read operations from the application. Disraptor also configured backup policies to make sure the that database was constantly backed up for DR purposes.


  • The learning platform performance improved significantly.

  • Database read operations were successfully redirected to the reader node which drastically reduced the latency issues on the application.

  • Students had a better experience with the platform and didn’t raise any issues afterwards.


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