Company Description and Problem

An insurance company based in Johannesburg, providing an easy way for customers to request quotes from their application, reached out to Disraptor for assistance in innovating the Infrastructure as Code (IaC) for their cloud infrastructure.


Working with the customer’s CTO, Disraptor managed to innovate the customer’s IaC by first going through their infrastructure and identifying gaps that require improvements. The Disraptor team then modularized the customer’s IaC so that it can be easily readable and manageable. The Disraptor team also implemented Terraform Cloud for the customer to make it easier to deploy resources and run the Terraform commands in AWS Cloud, instead of running the commands locally.


  • Terraform code was modularized for better management and better code readability.

  • Terraform Cloud was introduced for automated deployment of resources and better management of workspaces.

  • Customer’s IaC code was optimized for better performance.


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