Isazi – Kubernetes

Company Description and Problem

Isazi are a technology innovation company that optimise businesses using AI, machine learning and advanced algorithms. Isazi required a production grade Kubernetes setup on AWS in the Cape Town Region.


At the time, EKS was not available in this region, so Disraptor came up with a strategy and implemented a Kubernetes cluster on EC2 instances. We solved for this by building custom tooling with Lambda functions and EC2 instances. Aside from the Kubernetes cluster, it was made production ready by adding and configuring the necessary tooling such as Ingress, monitoring and logging, GitOps and automated TLS certificate generation.

The cluster and its control plane are highly available and scalable. Furthermore, Disraptor setup automated deployments into the cluster using GitLab CI. Disraptor also achieved real time upgrades of services with zero downtime


We helped decrease deployment time from four hours to ten minutes, allowing for a smooth client onboarding process. Seamless multiple configurations for multiple clients. Optimised cost by using HPA and VPA strategies


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