Isazi – Multi-cloud Solution

Company Description and Problem

Isazi are a technology innovation company that optimise businesses using AI, machine learning and advanced algorithms. Isazi’s infrastructure deployments were all done manually and needed a way to automate the process.


Isazi’s infrastructure deployments were all done manually. Isazi consulted with Disraptor to improve the management and configuration of their infrastructure. With the use of Infrastructure as Code (IAC), Disraptor moved the entire products’ cloud to a versioned and reconfigurable state. Infrastructure replication was made seamless.

Part of the strategy was also developing a persisting configuration management across the environments. One of these includes the database servers.

Cloud Native tooling was used to orchestrate database recovery.


  • Built a multi cloud solution (AWS; Azure; GCP), deploying four machine learning applications at Accounting, Banking, Insurance and FMCG corporates

  • We also tailored private cloud solutions for their corporate clients not in favor of the public cloud

  • Decreased provisioning of a new environment from 2 weeks to under 2 hours

  • Brought down severity 1 disaster recovery times from an hour to under 10 minutes


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