Zavazide – Standard Operating Procedure with Machine Learning

Company Description and Problem

Zavazide is a startup on a mission to reduce maternal deaths. They say 75% of maternal deaths can be avoided. Of this 75%, about half of them could be avoided through correct standard operating procedures that can be followed by health practitioners. Zavazide wanted to build an MVP to test their solution amongst multiple hospital networks in rural areas. Their solution has the capability of creating immense impact in areas where healthcare capacity is lower than metropolitan areas.


The team at Disraptor worked on understanding Zavazide’s requirements and helped build this MVP using AWS Sagamaker. Disraptor was able to build a solution which would capture various information at ground level, which then feeds into the machine learning model, conducts the analysis and identifies a standard operating procedure for the health practitioner to conduct their diagnosis. Disraptor focussed on understanding a particular pathological use case, and focussed on building the machine learning model using AWS Sagemaker to provide standard operating procedures for that use case.


  • A successful MVP that is capable of taking in specific information and outputting a standard operating procedure in terms of a diagnosis, all built using AWS Sagemaker.


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