Migration for Large African Software & Internet Company

Company Description and Problem

A large African Software and Internet company needed assistance with the migration of two virtual machines from on-prem to the Cloud. One being the the Nginx web server and the other one being the MySQL database server.


The team at Disraptor migrated the two servers using CloudEndure. Agents were installed on the customer’s on-prem servers to push data to AWS EC2 images and web application EC2 instances were launched afterwards and configured with AutoScaling to better handle the traffic. The on-prem environment was replicated in AWS cloud and the migration was completed successfully with minimal downtime upon cutover. The database server was migrated to RDS (MySQL) for high availability.


  • On-prem servers were migrated to AWS Cloud and AutoScaling was implemented on the new environment to better handle the traffic and to minimize failures.

  • The new environment leveraged other services in AWS cloud like VPC, Route53, ELB, RDS and AutoScaling.

  • Customer’s applications performed better in AWS since all web servers were deployed in the same subnet which localized communication within the private subnet.

  • Latency between web servers and database was reduced since all resources were deployed in the same VPC and region in AWS cloud.


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