CI/CD Pipeline Implementation for Level Finance

Company Description

Level Finance is an innovative financial wellness company committed to making financial wellness accessible for individuals at all life stages. The company operates at the intersection of financial services and technological innovation to deliver unparalleled financial solutions.

Problem Statement

Level Finance identified the need to streamline their application deployment processes to improve efficiency, reduce errors, and accelerate time-to-market for their services. They required a robust CI/CD pipeline solution to automate the building, testing, and deployment of their applications across multiple functionalities.


Disraptor was engaged by Level Finance to implement CI/CD pipelines for five key application functionalities:

  1. Payment: Handling payment-related functionalities securely and efficiently.
  2. Payroll: Managing payroll processes with automation and reliability.
  3. Atomic: Implementing atomic operations within the application seamlessly.
  4. Marketplace: Enabling deployment and updates for marketplace features.
  5. Flexible Pay: Supporting flexible pay options with a streamlined pipeline.

Implementation Process

Requirement Gathering: Collaborated with Level Finance to understand specific requirements for each pipeline, including testing environments, deployment targets, and integration points.

Pipeline Design: Designed CI/CD pipelines using industry best practices and tailored configurations for each functionality to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Integration and Automation: Integrated pipeline components with version control systems, automated testing frameworks, and deployment tools to create end-to-end automation.

Testing and Validation: Conducted rigorous testing and validation to ensure the pipelines met performance, security, and compliance standards, including integration with monitoring and alerting systems.

Deployment and Rollout: Implemented the CI/CD pipelines in production environments, ensuring seamless deployment and rollback mechanisms for risk mitigation.

Additional Infrastructure Setup

Document DB: Created Document DB in both production and staging environments to support data storage and management.

AWS Backup: Configured AWS Backup to ensure data backup and recovery capabilities in the event of a disaster.

IAM User for CodePipeline: Created an IAM user specifically for CodePipeline service access, ensuring secure and controlled deployment processes.


The implementation of CI/CD pipelines for Level Finance’s application resulted in several benefits:

Increased Efficiency: Effective deployment cycles, speeding up deployment cycles and freeing up resources for other tasks.

Improved Quality: Automated testing and validation processes enhanced the overall quality of applications, leading to fewer defects in production.

Faster Time-to-Market: Streamlined deployment processes enabled Level Finance to release new features and updates more rapidly, staying competitive in the market.

Enhanced Reliability: Automated rollback mechanisms and continuous monitoring improved application reliability and uptime.

Cost Savings: Reduced manual effort and faster deployments contributed to cost savings in operational expenses.


The successful implementation of CI/CD pipelines for Level Finance’s applications transformed their development and deployment processes, enabling them to deliver high-quality financial services efficiently and effectively. This initiative reflects Level Finance’s commitment to leveraging technology for continuous improvement and innovation in financial wellness solutions.


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