Development of White-Labelled Solution For The Unconventional CA

Company Description and Problem

The Unconventional CA (UCA) is a business mentorship and coaching company for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to impact 1 million entrepreneurs to become better at building and growing their businesses, ultimately creating jobs and improving the economy.

Whilst building on their web application for mentorship and coaching, UCA wanted to also open their application to other service providers in the mentorship and coaching space. This would allow them to expand the digitalized offering and grow their customer base and revenue streams.


Disraptor took the current web application and developed a white-labelled solution that allowed them to onboard a new client. The client will then have their own platform, with their own corporate identity and provide mentorship and coaching utilizing UCA’s novel mentorship and coaching approach.

The solution utilised AWS S3 for the backend data content. All static website content as well as web application artifacts were stored on AWS S3 and sent between the application and AWS S3 when it was required.


The outcome was that UCA could now expand their revenue stream and scale their business by selling their novel mentorship and coaching solution. This meant that UCA could focus on honing and refining their questionnaire and mentorship and coaching outputs for other mentorship and coaching businesses to leverage.


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