Investment, Insurance and Banking Group

Company Description and Problem

One of Africa’s largest investment, insurance, and banking group needed assistance with their automated application deployments through CI/CD pipelines. They had multiple applications developed on AWS which needed pipelines for automated deployments. They reached out to Disraptor for assistance in implementing those CI/CD pipelines.


Disraptor sent one of its senior DevOps engineers to guide them and assist them in implementing these pipelines. Their requirement was to make use of AWS AMS (Managed Services) in order to conform with their internal standards and also to make sure that everything goes through their internal security compliances. Disraptor used Cloud Formation to implement the entire CI/CD pipelines for their applications which were written in Java, Python and C#. The pipelines were implemented within the timeframes set out by the customer since they were in a tight deadline.


  • Customer was able to deploy their applications to the production environment within the timeframe they setout.

  • Automation made it easier for the customer to deploy their application quickly so they could meet the deadline set by the business.

  • The CI/CD pipeline code was written in CloudFormation which made it easier to replicate to another accounts and regions.


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