Africa’s Largest Telco

Company Description and Problem

One of Africa’s largest Telco’s reached out to Disraptor to assist in building a Kubernetes cluster in AWS to run their customer facing applications and to also setup CI/CD pipelines for the NodeJS backend application as well as the Frontend Angular application. They also needed lambda functions to be developed in order to execute certain jobs periodically.


Disraptor engineers built the Kubernetes cluster in AWS to run both the Frontend and Backend applications. Both applications were containerized. The team at Disraptor also worked on the CI/CD pipelines for deploying NodeJS and Angular on Kubernetes. The CI/CD pipelines were implemented in CDK (TypeScript) which bootstrapped AWS CodeBuild, CodeCommit, CodeDeploy and CodePipeline. Lambda Functions were written in Python and deployed through the CI/CD pipelines configured. The CDK provided IaC for the pipeline itself which made it easy to be versioned and replicated to other AWS accounts and regions.


  • The client customer facing apps were deployed in a highly scalable Kubernetes environment and cloud handle a lot of requests without experiencing any failures.

  • All periodic jobs were deployed in Lambda Functions which saved the customer a lot of cost since they were not running in idling servers.

  • Feature releases increased significantly as deployments were automated through CI/CD pipelines. Developers could easily commit code from their laptops and the deployment pipelines handled automated builds, integration testing and deployments seamlessly.


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