Modernising a Large Telco

Company Description and Problem

A large Telco needed assistance in modernizing their application to be Cloud-Native and to run on Serverless environments. They reached out to Disraptor to assist with the modernization of their applications and migration to Cloud-Native and Serverless.


Disraptor engineers worked with the customer’s developers to refactor their customer facing applications to be CloudNative and to be deployable to Serverless environments. Disraptor engineers used their development skills and knowledge of Cloud to assist in rewriting a lot of the customer’s code and making it compatible with AWS Cloud-Native deployment.


  • Client’s customer facing applications were successfully migrated to AWS Cloud-Native environments and modernized using Lambda functions, API Gateway and DynamoDB.

  • Customer’s spending reduced significantly by moving from EC2 instances for serverless environments.

  • Customer’s application performance increased since the infrastructure could scale automatically based on the number requests.


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